NSG Maintenance have worked on many projects to tailor an environmental and sustainable solution for the individual requirements of building owners, corporations and utility providers.
  • Health assessment check of current hydraulic services installation
  • Sustainability audits
  • Provide possibilities tachieve financial and energy saving benefits with innovative solutions
  • Calculations and advice on Return on Investment
  • Water conservation & consumption reduction i.e sensor operated urinal flush systems with integrated
  • timers
  • Energy and water consumption monitoring
  • Daily water metering
  • Photovoltaic Electric Water Heating System (npower, pumps, moving parts or maintenance)
  • Thermal solar options
  • Black water and Grey water treatment systems
  • Rainwater Harvesting and Water Treatment
  • Multiple heat source options for gas, solar and mechanical services
  • Reduced gas consumption and infrastructure costs.
  • Energy efficient hot water generation systems and solar installations
  • Heat recovery systems for hot water generation
  • Retrofit Solar Installation for existing hot water plants
  • Energy modelling