About Us

Founded in 2002, NSG is one of the leading hydraulic service organisations within the Victoria market. Highly regarded as one of the major leaders in the plumbing construction, NSG has adopted and implemented various services  in design, maintenance, management and supply of sustainable plumbing solutions for all sectors.

The NSG vision was one that established foundations on the princples of creating an organisation within the hydraulic landscape that would offer an intimate service whilst delivering  achievable outcomes that would see delivery at the highest levels of both industry standards and customer satisfaction. 

From the creation of NSG nearly 20 years ago, the addition of services has evolved with time off the back of successful project outcomes which has seen the business develop from a commercial construction business specialising in the delivery of new hydraulic installations to now be recognised as a diverse tier one hydraulic maintenance organisation in Victoria.

Our services are delivered by a team of skilled professionals with a total commitment to customer satisfaction in line project solution and rectification.  Our aim in striving for satisfaction  is desired from the ability to create, build and maintain a close working relationships with our customers and deliver our projects and services on time. 

It is our core values that derives from our vision that has generated our successful delivery of services to our loyal customer base. It is our customers and clients who have challenged and requested us to deliver services above and beyond all realms of initial capabilities that now see us deliver major operations  across Australia's Eastern seaboard.

The passion to strive and continue to deliver professional services is the integral key within our industry that very much continues to drive directors Norm Anderson and Geoff Tait to offer the facilities maintenance industry such professional plumbing services to ensure we add value manage to their assets. It is our commitment to sustainability that has us leading the evolution into the future.